Coming Soon… Rigging Lab Academy Pre Sales

Written By: Lance Piatt

Today’s economy is global. Everyone is tied at the hip with someone. There is simply no such thing as a “self made” person. Everyone needs someone to help them get to a higher level of professional or person excellence. This is why we created Rigging Lab Academy. Rigging Lab Academy is an atmosphere where learning, planning, logistics and strategy meets engagement, relationship, beauty and art. What? Yep! This whole thing is completely new. And we need everyone’s help to make this platform successful.

Rigging Lab Academy began it’s inception as an arena (literally) of learning and a center for exchanging knowledge in the varied industries of light weight rigging with Pat Rhodes leading the way. You may have seen a few of 30+ teachings Pat did with us. Core topics centered around rope rescue, industrial rope access, slack-lining, climbing, arbor and natural rope access, as well as adventure courses and “backyard” projects. We explore equipment (what) and the physics (why) behind it.

As time moves closer, we’ll share more about this amazing evolution and synergy that begin much earlier that just a few years ago. Try 2005… More on this soon.

We believe in engaging and unleashing your courageous soul. To change the atmosphere of how you learn, what you learn and why you are learning it.

Join Rigging Lab Academy today as a Rescue Response Gear FB member and get the first month free. So stay tuned… Launch is just around the corner. Official Launch is November, but we will be releasing a Soft Launch October 20th.


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