Brand Ambassador FAQ

We’ve taken the most common questions our Brand Ambassadors have had and compiled them here for your reference.

As a Brand Ambassador, you’ll have your own set of unique referral links you can use to direct traffic to Rigging Lab Academy courses and memberships you want to promote.
Provided that a person’s first ever visit to Rigging Lab Academy is via your Brand Ambassador referral link, this activity will be tracked so that if they go on to make a purchase, you will be credited for that sale. This will happen even if the visitor doesn’t sign up for a user account on Rigging Lab Academy at first. If they come back at a later point to sign up and make a purchase, it will be credited to you, so the first visit is the key!
Your commission is calculated based on any future purchases the user makes on an ongoing basis (including each installment of a monthly or annual membership or payment plan).
Please see the “What are the technical details I should know about?” question below for further details.
It’s easy! Just fill out the application form on our Brand Ambassador Page and a member of our team will get back to you as soon as possible (usually within 48 hours). 
You can check your current commission rate by logging in to your Rigging Lab Academy account and clicking on the “Affiliate” tab on the upper right-hand side of the screen. Your current commission rate will be listed under “General Affiliate Information”.
To login to your Brand Ambassador dashboard, you’ll first need to login to your Rigging Lab Academy account. Once you’re logged in, click on the “Affiliate” link in the navigation menu at the top of the page.
  1. Login with the email and password provided to you by the instructor.
  2. Access your Brand Ambassador dashboard menu by clicking the ‘Affiliate’ button in the top right corner.
  3. View your affiliate menu. 
Once you’ve logged into your Brand Ambassador dashboard, there are four areas to explore:
  • General Affiliate Information: Details of your commission rate can be found here.
  • Your Affiliate Links: Unique product codes are listed here for you to share with your audience. You can also use the Homepage Link, which can be appended to any URL that points to the Rigging Lab Academy site! e.g.
  • Financial Reports: Here you can see your commission totals, a breakdown of your individual commissions, your payouts and tracking on the number of visitors through your affiliate links.
  • Settings: You can change your PayPal linked email address here.
View a list of all available product links that you can share by logging in to your Rigging Lab Academy account and clicking on the “Affiliate” tab on the upper right-hand side of the screen. Then, click on the “Your Affiliate Links” button. 
Copy and paste these links when you’re ready to spread the world about Rigging Lab Academy. Just be sure to double check that your Brand Ambassador Affiliate Code reference number is attached at the end of the link!
Share your Brand Ambassador link anywhere that it would be appropriate to talk about Rigging Lab Academy! Add a link to your website, share it on social media, include it in your blog posts, or send it out to your audience via email — the possibilities are only limited by your imagination.
Keep in mind that you don’t want sharing your Brand Ambassador link to become too “pitchy” or “salesy”. It’s important that the link or information about Rigging Lab Academy memberships are always given in a way where people feel the value of it.
We’ve put together a selection of posts for you to use to promote Rigging Lab Academy. Just be sure to include your referral link so that you get credit for any sales you generate! You can access these resources here:
You can check out your financial reports by logging in to your Rigging Lab Academy account and clicking on the “Affiliate” tab on the upper right-hand side of the screen. Then, click on the “Financial Reports” button. 

Here, you can view the following:

  • Commissions (total commissions owed and total commissions paid)
  • Payouts
  • Visitors
We pay all of our Brand Ambassadors on a monthly basis through PayPal.
Pleasure make sure that the PayPal email address that’s associated with your Rigging Lab Academy account is the correct email address for us to pay you through and that it is an active PayPal account. 
Our Brand Ambassador program is for people who are connected to the rigging community and who feel passionate about our mission and the membership options we have available.
As we look to share Rigging Lab Academy with the world, we want to ensure we’re aligning with individuals who have values similar to ours. We want to align with people who are also committed to turning their rigging and rope rescue talents into strengths and contribute their knowledge with the rigging community.
We’re seeking out potential brand ambassadors who have the following values:
  • A passion for learning and education
  • Concern for safety
  • Collaboration and sharing of knowledge
  • Adventure seekers
  • Are involved in one or many of the various rigging genres RLA connects with
Yes, you are welcome to share information about our Brand Ambassador program with your network. We can’t guarantee that their application will be accepted, but it’s always worth submitting an inquiry. Just share a link to our Brand Ambassador page with them! 
Copy and paste this link:
No! We would love to cut you a check for a ton of money every month. That would mean we are winning together!
Our Brand Ambassador commission rates are based on the size of your network and how engaged your community is. 
The following factors will help ensure you’re receiving the highest commission rate possible: 
  • You have at least 1 (one) course in the Rigging Lab Academy platform OR must have at least 1 (one) piece of content available exclusively through Rigging Lab Academy.
  • You have a marketable and brandable space for RLA.
  • You have an active and engaged presence on social media.
  • An active email list is a plus.
Please refer them to the support link in the footer of the Rigging Lab Academy membership website.
Yes, of course! When you become a Rigging Lab Academy Brand Ambassador, you’re able to promote and share ALL of our courses and memberships.
When you become a Rigging Lab Academy Brand Ambassador, you’re able to earn a percentage of sales for any and all of our available courses and memberships. This means that if you want to stack your efforts and widen your reach, then you are welcome to do so!
When a user first visits the Rigging Lab Academy site, we drop a cookie onto their browser. If they reached the Rigging Lab Academy site via a referral link, the cookie that’s dropped will remember this information.

When the user creates an account on the Rigging Lab Academy site, they will have your referral code attached to their user profile if the cookie is present. Any future purchases made by this member — whether they be individual course purchases or ongoing monthly memberships — will be credited to you.

If by chance the user visits the Rigging Lab Academy site but doesn’t sign up right away, the cookie will last for 30 days. If the user clears their cookies or uses a different browser the cookie will be lost.

About Cookies:
The cookie from the first visit must be present when the user signs up or purchases a product in order for you, the Brand Ambassador, to receive credit. Once the user signs up and the association is established on the user’s profile, the cookie is redundant and you will receive credit for any future purchases. If a user that comes through a referral link does not sign up or purchase within 30 days, but comes back after 30 days to sign up or purchase the Brand Ambassador is not credited any commission.

If a user coming to your site via a referral link had previously created an account or made a purchase at Rigging Lab Academy, before clicking on the referral link, any new purchases made will not be associated with the Brand Ambassador. This is true regardless of whether or not the user was previously associated to any Brand Ambassador or not. If they had previously made an account they cannot be counted toward a new Brand Ambassador.
If you weren’t able to find an answer to your question on this page, please send us an email at