Craig McClure

Craig is a 14+ year Search and Rescue veteran in the Pacific Northwest and is the founder of The Crackerjack Group. Craig is a founding member and instructor with the International Technical Rescue Association. He’s currently a SAR volunteer for Deschutes County Oregon, rescue member of the MRA accredited mountain rescue team, an EMT, and specializes in technical and backcountry winter disciplines. He holds an AIARE Avalanche level 2 certification and is an expert backcountry skier. Equally comfortable in the field or command, he’s served as the coordinator for the Incident Management team and has participated in approximately 400 missions in his career reaching back to 2004 as a wilderness K9 handler. Craig is a frequent instructor for technical disciplines at SAR conferences, has served as an evaluator for MRA team accreditation, and was the a safety officer and rigger for the first descents into the glacial caves of Mt St Helens. He has led and participated in high alpine glacial rescues, big wall vertical rescues, and complex extraction missions. He enjoys teaching and believes his greatest offering is the ability to guide teams as a whole to improve communication, efficiency, and understanding of well-reasoned default operating guidelines. . Craig serves on the Curriculum Committee of the Oregon State Sheriff’s Association Search and Rescue Advisory Council and is a co-author and instructor of the state SAR Incident Management program. In 2013 he was recognized as the state SAR Volunteer of the Year. He has also served as a sworn Reserve Deputy and in addition to uniformed patrol, worked seasonally as a snowmobile patrol deputy and as a sworn municipal Police Officer and is a graduate of the Oregon Department of Public Safety and Standards Police Academy. He is certified NRA Range Safety Officer. Craig brings a solid perspective on leadership, objective-based management, and great personal experience as a field operator.

Craig McClure

Want To Be A Dirtbag?

I’ve had a lot of bad ideas so I get pretty excited when I have a good one.  The Crackerjack Group recently held a “flyer” of a class we dubbed The Dirtbag Clinic..  and it worked. The idea came about because we had some friends in town for the Mountain Rescue Association Conference and they …

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Parallel Hauls, Doubled Mechanical Advantage or Not?

Today at Rigging Lab Academy, we’re going to bust this myth that parallel mechanical advantage systems somehow add together and double mechanical advantage. There are arguments out there that two 3:1s side by side pulled on the same load are a 6:1, or two 5:1s are a 10:1. It’s not true, and we’re going to …

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Carabiner Shaming: Losing The Gold

I’ll admit it.  I’m guilty. I’ve done it.  Nope, I’m not talking about stepping on the rope, using dropped carabiners, or mistakenly peeing on my belay loop… c’mon winter layers can be a challenge!  Nope, I’m talking about what I’ll call “carabiner shaming.” Like many, I used to pick apart photos on the interwebs to …

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Game changer or not? The CMC/Harken Clutch is real!

Last night our friends at Ronin Rescue posted this photo taken at GRIMP NA. There have been guarded rumors and reported sightings of the new CMC Clutch by Harken but everyone was really tight lipped.. and well, there still isn’t a lot of info. What rumors? It’s going to completely replace the 11mm MPD! It’ll …

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The Gear Used In the 5 Day Advance Workshop… Here Is The Narrative!

Can we  have an Ultimate Gear List for anything?   Of course not and we all know that.. For the skiers out there this is like the mythical “one ski quiver”… that one ski that floats in powder, crushes crud, carves trenches on the corduroy, and holds Killington blue ice like a 2×4 with chisel edges. …

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