Arizona Vortex Workshop Highlights… Great Fun Learning!

Written By: Lance Piatt


Arizona Vortex Workshop Highlights… 

Rescue Response Gear, in concert with Rigging Lab Academy, is in the process of building a  Arizona Vortex AHD video workshop. This quick clip visually describes an overview of a course we film a few years ago. The covered Easel A Frames with litter scoops using the AZTEK four to one (4:1) pulley system, confined space scenarios using the Arizona Vortex as a tripod while doing a litter patient package exercise, an SA Frame (sideways A) while engaging in a steep angle lower and raise, and finished off with a “skate block” scenario with a patient package pickoff and raise… the Arizona Vortex set up was done using an Easel A Frame. Most spectacular!

We used an assortment of rope and pulley systems, tie-backs, redirects, focused floating anchors, and learned a lot about a lot of things. A great class! The Arizona Vortex is a great tool… and it looks great as well. The systems used for raise and lowering include the CMC Rescue MPD as the main capture device and pulley for the raise, as well as the lower. Using a 5:1 mechanical advantage off the CMC Rescue MPD.

Let your mind wander on this clip for a bit and if a system such as this makes sense for your department or team, call us.  Be glad to talk you through a few things.  Rigging Lab Academy has a ton of video training aids to get you started. 




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