A Frame | TWIN BUNDLE HIGHLINE | Horizontal Rigging

Written By: Lance Piatt

We’ve moved over to the floating A-frame, very much like the floating A-frame that we used for the single track line, but as we said, we’ve added the second track line here.

It’s very important that these two track lines be tensioned the same. We would never mix products, for instance. We would never have two different ropes from two different manufacturers because they have different, elongation characteristics.

These, it’s pretty critical for us that we have rope that is of the same manufacturer.

And, so we have those same characteristics of elongation. In this case, we have Sterling 7/16 rope.

We are using the floating A-frame. You can see the TerrAdaptor A-frame here. And, just like the single track line, we have opposing prusiks, they’re guiding this thing down.

Still pretty basic. We can also analyze this angle right here on this double shift pulley and see that there’s not a whole lot on this.

It’s a very mild angle.

There’s still quite a bit of pressure on this tensioning system.

We’re at about six hundred pounds right now, and we’ll talk a little bit more about that. But what I just want you to look at right now is the floating a frame front and back, press ups, opposing each other, and that acts as our guiding system for this.

Very secure, very stable.


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