Written By: Lance Piatt

Let’s look at the floating A-frame of our quad system right now.

The floating A-frame is being guyed forward and backwards with the prusiks directly connected to the track line system. Okay. So this is our guying system front and back.

This is pretty clean right here the way the guys put this together… a lot of times we might use a Kootenay carriage here.

We’re looking at something that’s gonna equally support all of these four ropes within this bundle right here. And we want something that’s probably three inches in diameter so we’re not putting excessive binding or bending on the fibers of that rope due to the tension that we’re generating right here. So these pulleys are two double shift pulleys side by side.

I’ve fixed the top of this TerrAdaptor, and it’s looking pretty good… this Floating A-frame. We’ve talked about it before. This is great for horizontal systems where we’re pulling equally in the same plane.

If we were doing a sloping system or steep angle type of system, I’d probably use something else. 

This has a tendency to wanna tip over down the slope. So this is great. It’s very solid within that flat zone. We start thinking steep angles, think about doing a sideways frame, a frame, a tripod, some other artificial high directional.


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