3 Steps To Success

Written By: Lance Piatt


Brew Tanks-Deschutes Brewery-Bend Oregon

I have an idea of what you might be thinking… What?  Another 3 Step process for something? It is true though. I was in the editing studio doing some work for an upcoming rigging project and I saw this image.  Many of you have seen this image as well.  It is from our Conversations In Rigging course with Richard Delaney.  Now while this was filmed a couple of seasons ago, the moment I saw this image, I remembered the air temperature (82 degrees) and everything else about the moment.  We had just finished a long day of shooting and we were lowering Chris off the walkway (looking between the tanks).  Sun was setting in the West (we are looking North here) and I remember asking Torrey his thoughts on the day and could see in his eyes… “leave me alone… I am working”.  I thought, “ok”, and went about my tasks. He saw something… he had a vision!

So when I pulled this image back up, I looked at it in reverse and then remembered our original tour of Deschutes Brewery and after going through the entire complex, we happened upon this new area.  Brand new tanks less than a few months old.  Starting up the circular staircase, Rich Delaney looked through the “slot” and said something like… “look… right there”.  He knew, straight away, where he wanted to place Chris, where he needed place the directionals and knew how to get there.  What he didn’t know, at the time, was where the anchors were going to go.  And if you have seen the V Anchor series, you’d know that the first piece of business to attend to is to know where the ropes go and the where the person is being lowered or raised first from.  You build the anchors from there.  So… In just a matter of seconds, we went through the 3 Step Process.

  1. Vision… without it, you have no plan.  So often people show up on scene and just start throwing things into chaos simply because there was no vision, much less a plan.  You need to be able to literally visualize what must happen long before it ever materializes.  I still remember, back in the day, when I’d watch Reed Thorne build these huge systems.  I’d sit back and just be awestruck at the enormity of it all.  He saw every aspect of it.  He’d sit or stand somewhere and be able to know exactly what something should like.. right down to the knot.  Fascinating!!!
  2. Alignment… Priority means “one”.  We have lost the true meaning of the term.  You don’t have “priorities”.  You have The One Thing (Priority) and everything else is in alignment and in proper order.  Once The One Thing or Priority has been accomplished, you move to the next Priority.  Now… often that One Thing must have numerous pieces to make it functional, but… proper alignment and order always take precedence in the hierarchy of steps.
  3. Leadership… Leadership doesn’t mean he or she has set the vision… It does mean though Alignment will be dictated by the Leadership and the task at hand.  Does this mean that “the leader” knows all the elements of “how” to process individual steps… Not always, but the Leadership knows and fully understands the Vision, and thus makes the important distinction… “right person, right job”.

This 3 Step process is pretty much a “life process” as well.  Faith, Family and Work.  Nothing is exempt from the process except the areas in life that doesn’t have much importance, but even then I can argue that is still matters.  Vision dictates the alignment and leadership carries it to completion.

Peace on your days!!!!



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