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… Get online instruction beneficial to an entire team’s progress focusing on Implementation, Execution, and Coaching

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Access all of RLA Essentials & +Plus Courses...
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Virtual Training Content

Develop core knowledge & understanding with Interactive, virtual Master Classes and on-demand courses perfect for new & seasoned Veterans looking to brush up on basics providing the pathway for a successful rope rescue training.

A Direct Line To Instructors

Ask our Partner Instructors your rigging and rescue inquiries via the private, members-only instructors Office Hours, Q&A conversations, and course discussion boards.

Personalized Coaching & Instruction

Go from whiteboard to real world with engaging monthly virtual instruction to lay out your objectives and strategy that help you get the right training to get the job done every time.



Providing a pathway for successful rope rescue training!

Here's what you'll get and more...

Gain access to exclusive professional content

Live Virtual Workshops that kick off every month.

Instructor Office Hours to Get answers to Your Questions Anytime.

FOCUSED training COMBINED with group coaching and masterminding (so stuff actually gets done).

Signature Master Classes and all future updates.

Up-to-date training with continuing education credits.

Special Discounts for RLA-hosted Live Workshops & Events
... And Members Only Pricing on Equipment sold at Rescue Response Gear!

Tap into a network of instructors, team leaders, and technical riggers all aligned to grow in their knowledge and skills!

Master Class Exams with an instructor critique to grade your dynamic knowledge of specialized rope rigging topics.

Unlimited access to your training roadmap of virtual courses!

The latest tips and tricks, along with the advice and feedback to know you’re executing the right way.

All the benefits that come with RLA Basic PLUS a smaller, tight-knit “Pro community within a community.”

Some of our Partners

rope lab
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Your New Rope Rescue Training Platform

Learn the fundamental knowledge of rigging and apply that knowledge to tackle rescue problems and solve rigging challenges!

What SOME OF Our CustomeRS ARE SayING

"For all tower workers, it's necessary to know as much as you can about tower rescue, how to plan the rescue, knowledge about ascending the tower, etc. for the different jobs we have to execute. These courses covers it all."
Rigging Lab Academy Member
Christian A.
RLA Member
"Training material is excellent, videos bring it all together! Thank you!!"
Rigging Lab Academy Member
Brent A.
RLA Member
"This is not your standard text book learning. This is a thinking group that is not into the status quo. Think smarter, make it better, challenge your team."
Rigging Lab Academy Member
Robert L.
RLA Member
"Thanks for talking clearly and going over all the details!"
Rigging Lab Academy Member
Stephen L.
RLA Member
"You guys are very important to the rescue responders. Thanks again!"
Rigging Lab Academy Member
Brice B.
RLA Member
"I'm very glad I purchased this training course!"
Rigging Lab Academy Member
Neal H.
RLA Member
"Thanks to RLA, I was able share tree climbing and arborist techniques I was studying in a fire/rescue environment. I have learned so much that there are times I feel brand new to ropes. I am excited to learn as much about all fields of rope work as possible."
Rigging Lab Academy Member
Travis Robertson
"These videos are great! Very well done. Entertaining and educational. Professional too. I can tell a lot of work has gone into them and I just want to offer my thanks to you and to all involved. Thank you."
Rigging Lab Academy Member
Adam Beck
AMGA Certified Rock Instructor
"Rigging Lab Academy offers the ability to discuss new ideas and seek out new training… Allowing for exposure to different concepts that is beneficial to an entire team’s progress.”
Rigging Lab Academy Member
Jason Ilowite
Firefighter with the Loudoun County, VA Fire Rescue department

Resources and strategies to strengthen your rope handling techniques!

Ask Anytime

Get answers to your questions during pro office hour Q&A sessions. The Office Hours gets you access To Rigging Lab Academy partner instructors. Learn from the top rigging experts in the industry from across the world!

Elective Master Classes

A Suite Of Signature Elective Master Classes Covering Specialized Rescue Rigging Topics

Certifications of Completion

Certification of completion for all completed training.

Exclusive Discounts: Members Only Deals

Special Discounts for Rigging Lab Academy Hosted Live Workshops & Events And Special Members Only Pricing On Equipment Sold At Rescue Response Gear

What’s Working Now

One of our core values is "Pursue Growth & Learning." We honor this value by constantly seeking new and innovative strategies in Rope Rigging & Rescue. "What's Working Now" is our monthly huddle-up where we update you on the most effective strategies right now.

Courses - A Roadmap to Rope Rescue Training

The Proven Path To Mastery Of Your Rope Rigging Talents


Collaborate with a growing community of riggers and share knowledge with everyday riggers throughout the world.

Technical Manuals

Get access to exclusive technical manuals written by our partners


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All the benefits that come with Rigging Lab Academy Basic PLUS...
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  • Everything in Rigging Lab Academy Essentials and +Plus
  • Live Virtual Workshops that kick off every month!
  • Instructor office hour Q&A sessions
  • Monthly What's Working Now huddle-up
  • An instructors critique grading your Master Class Exams
  • Master Class Certification from the Instructors
  • A network of instructors, team leaders, and technical riggers all aligned to grow in their knowledge and skills!
  • Pay month-by-month: Cancel Anytime

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the difference between Rigging Lab Academy Essentials, Plus & Pro?

RLA Essentials is great for new rescuers, riggers and team members who need to stay upto date on awareness, safty and basic team operations!

RLA Plus is perfect for operators and team members who have started and looking for a refresher on their study and advancement in their position with the Master’s Roadmap Blueprint study plans.

For Rescue techs and leaders who want more in-depth training and coaching, RLA Pro [Rigging Lab Academy Pro] is the perfect option, because it’s everything in Lab essentials and +plus. With access to all our Online Courses and Workshops, with their updates and partner instructor access, and possible Certifications on topics such as Confined Space Rescue, Twin Tension Systems, High Directional Rigging… you get the idea.

Do you offer a trial?

Rigging Lab Academy Essentials has a 30-Day credit card required $1 trial. Rigging Lab Academy +Plus and Rigging Lab Academy Pro do not include trials.

Once I become a member, where should I start?

When joining the Rigging Lab Academy membership the best place to start is at the beginning… whether a seasoned rigger or brand new… the essentials are the building block to success. Start with the Field Guide Series and Follow the Course Roadmap Blueprint!

What skills do I need to have to get the most out of Lab?

The only skill you need is a willingness to learn. The Rigging Lab Academy content and community has resources and advice for beginner, veteran riggers and instructors alike! We firmly believe there are no stupid questions. Never Stop Growing!

What if I want to cancel? Am I locked into a contract?

While the membership has a re-occurring auto payment, As a member, you can cancel at any time. While we hope you stay forever, we despise contracts and would never impose them on our members.

How long does it take to complete a Course or Master Class?

The Courses and Master Classes vary in length, and average from 2 - 10 hours each, depending on your pace of study, the ability to pass the quizzes, and depth of pursuit of learning!

How often do you release new content?

Rigging Lab Academy is releasing content on a semi regular basis... as we are posting new blog each week. Along with members only content each month. RLA will keep you up to date rigging and rescue strategies and tactics