Richard Delaney

Rigging Lab Academy Instructor | Founder of RopeLab

Richard, the founder of RopeLab, aims to promote a better understanding of the fundamental principles underpinning the craft of the rope technician. He originally created RopeLab to build a greater understanding of the physics of roped systems. Seeing value in ideas being shared across industries, Richard looks at the physics of roped systems and equipment that may be used in a range of situations and industries. Climbers, rope technicians, riggers, slackliners, arborists and rescue operators all will find useful information here. Through the countless tests that he conducts to generate data that he can then apply to real working situations, his reports detail the methodology and results of each test conducted and he encourages critical assessment. Richard also delivers regular workshops which aim to facilitate learning in a social and practical environment. These workshops encourage critical thinking based in an understanding of fundamental principles rather than rote learning. Experience across a range of industries gives Richard the capacity to tailor workshops to specific environments.

Courses Taught By Richard Delaney

Force Multipliers - Rigging Lab Academy

Force Multipliers

It's no secret that there are many aspects to rigging theory. Join us as we dive into the world of vectors, scalars, and values.
Conversations in Rigging - Rigging Lab Academy

Conversations in Rigging

Created by Richard Delaney, this course brings essential rigging concepts into discussion.
Advanced Rigging Physics 3- Friction - Rigging Lab Academy

Advanced Rigging Physics 3: Friction

Learn the basic "rules-of-thumb" that enable us to put numbers to friction and, in turn, make sound decisions about how to work with it.
Advanced Rigging Physics 2- Equipment - Rigging Lab Academy

Advanced Rigging Physics 2: Equipment

This course takes a detailed look at the equipment used by the roping technician.
Advanced Rigging Physics 1- Vectors & Mechanical Advantage - Rigging Lab Academy

Advanced Rigging Physics 1: Vectors & Mechanical Advantage

Covering the basic physics that apply to rope systems, students will develop a deeper understanding and a sound approach to problem-solving.


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