Dual Monopod with Major Taglines

Written By: Lance Piatt

So what’s with the “dual monopod” thing and what the heck is a major tagline? Well, glad you asked. We’ll talk about the Major Tagline here and discuss the monopod or gin pole set ups later. Deal?

Within horizontal systems, there are three main categories:

  1. Taglines
  2. Dynamic Directionals
  3. Highlines

These can be further reduced to Minor and Major horizontal systems. If the point is working with wide chasms or gaps… The most of these will work. But for safety and flexibility, it is really hard to beat the use of major taglines. Pat Rhodes covers this topic in depth in Horizontal Rigging. However, for the sake of this being a quick post, we’ll jot down a couple of huge upsides of this system.

  1. Much safer as there are two belay lines in play.
  2. Anchoring not nearly an issue (as would be with a highline) because the vector forces would never approach critical levels.
  3. The setup of such a system is so much more simple than with highlines.

Have fun!

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