PMI is proud to announce three all-new Rescue Solutions for co-worker rescue!  Built around the winning combination of PMI Extreme Pro™ rope with UniCore® technology and the PMI/ISC D4 Descent Control Device, these three rescue solutions offer simple and compliant answers to some pretty difficult industrial rescue scenarios.

A few years ago, we filmed (on location) an incredibly cool series of training videos on this very topic with PMI-VRS.  The descent device product in the video is “slightly” different, but the technique is very much the same.  In fact, we show all three technique in various forms.  So check them out at Rigging Lab Academy.

The Tower-Tek Rescue Solution does just about everything you could ask of a telecom/broadcast tower rescue solution. Ground-based rescue, tower- based rescues and pickoff rescues can all be accomplished with this ANSI Z359 compliant and lifesaving solution. Versatile “plug and play” solution.





The Fall-Tek Rescue Solution is the right choice when it comes to the rescue of a fallen and suspended worker. The telescoping pole allows for the attachment of a suspended worker to the lifeline, and then the rescuer can either lift or lower the subject to safety.  Compliance in a bag.





The Crane-Tek Rescue Solution is designed for coworker rescue or self-evacuation from tower cranes. Simple and elegant.





Peace on your days!

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