A roadmap tells a story. More specifically a roadmap is a storyboard that if designed correctly, builds the components of a great account of something (the story).  They often use illustrations, images or video, and when sequenced together, builds the framework of what needs to be told.  Rigging Lab Academy wants to be a part of telling your story.  And like all stories, there are stories within stories.  Tales of adventure and intrigue that lead us in or lead us out of the account we are in.  Our own story will always intersect with another and that meeting begets another story.

We want your journey to be like fine wine… tons of notes,  great structure and big!  We too are on a similar path.  As great as our course development has been, our advisory committed determined we missed the boat on something.  Nobody ever leaves the tarmac or harbor without a flight plan or float plan.  No builder ever constructs anything without a blueprint.  Navigation is essential to our lives… So how did we miss this?  Well, we did and we have made the correction!

A roadmap addresses the following…

  1. Who we are.
  2. The main challenge we face.
  3. Guidelines and the plan we need to get past the challenge we are facing.
  4. Taking ownership of the struggle and doing what needs to be done to correct it.
  5. Our decision making process.
  6. What things look like if we succeed.
  7. What things look like if we fail.

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We have heard it said that “failure is not an option”.  Well, let it be known… there are very very few circumstances where the tolerances are so tight that one glitch destroys the entire operation. Space operations and NASA, Chromosomal defects and foolish behavior are ones that come to mind first.  So let’s concentrate on only those elements in our lives that we can control.  In this, there is rarely, if ever, failure.  So here… failure is simply not carrying out the objectives and thus doomed to a life of unfulfilled visions and hopes.

However, the success bucket looks exceedingly bright and chains are released.  Sounds like a movie… Well, it should.  It’s what we are here for and this is part of what your calling is.  Do you see yourself rigging lines, offsets, dynamic directionals, twin tension systems with only a moments notice that something is needing to get done!  Have you been called to a higher position in training and not quite sure how to fill these new boots you are expected to fill?… We got you covered!

The Masters Roadmap is not about the beginning, intermediate or advanced levels. It’s about shoring up loose ends, removing rubble, and getting a solid foundation. You are a master or you wouldn’t be here. You have control over your own decisions. You have a huge list of talents and determining how to parlay those talents into strengths is what makes you a master. Masters don’t look for the easy path as there is nothing easy about saving lives and leading people.

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Dedicated to everyone who risks their lives to rescue those in need!
As always… rig safely and once the foundations are understood… be creative!
Peace on your days…

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