Thinking smart is power.  Power is the ability to get things done with an element of Authority.  Authority carries with it a mantle of Responsibility.  Responsibility carries with it the need for planning and expected outcomes.

The following is quick mini look at developing a mindset of “multiplicity”.  Manpower is expensive.  Equipment is relatively cheap when compared to overhead expense of people.  However,an  ineffective gear cache will smack of a “single use paradigm”.  The following 3 videos are examples of what I call  a”dual use paradigm”.  Mechanical Advantage is always a trade off, but know what the gain and loss means is a “smart” person’s game and gain. Thus…. being smart is power and being powerful is best donned in wisdom and humility.

Not everyone embraces this stuff right?  Thus your systems best replicate how you view your world and those it.

In this video, we built a modified twin tension system using the CMC MPD. Now granted, I must note, that though the video does mention a mirrored system raise, it is technically a twin tension or some may term it as a 2 rope tension system.  The reason is that a mirrored system is the exact system on both ropes…  It becomes a mirrored system when in lowering mode. During the raise, it is a twin tension systems.  Either way, the CMC MPD is a powerhouse in this set up.  Duplistic in it’s design and function.  A very smart system to use.

The following two video show the use of both the CMC MPD and the Petzl I’d in tandem with another mechanical advantage system… here an AZTEK Elite pulley system.  The term “ganged on” is not synonymous with a “pig rig”. A ganged on system is a pre-set (normally) 4:1 attached to the load line and can remain even during a lower.   In both systems, the multi-use mindset is in play.  Powerful!  Reduces the amount of people needed to run the system… Especially the video below where an In Line 9 pulley system is used.. Here one person is running the entire show… This is cool! Now… would someone need to run the second line (belay line or a second tensioned line… yes).


Feel free to shop Rescue Response Gear for equipment and gear ideas and check out Rigging Lab Academy for the implementation side of things…  We Got You Covered!!!

Dedicated to everyone who risks their lives to rescue those in need!

As always… rig safely and once the foundations are understood… be creative!

Peace on your days…



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