Search and Rescue (SAR) professionals wear many hats during their careers. Logistics and protocol gobble up much of your training time while ground pounding and search grids often consume the lion’s share of SAR professional. However, the “technical rope rescue” side of things is always the elephant in the room; less than 10% of any given team can truly wrap their head around all that goes into this stuff.

Our goal here at Rigging Lab Academy is to

  1. Minimize the time allotment for learning critical technical concepts.
  2. Set you on a path for higher learning and a solid knowledge base.

Today, I’m thrilled to open the doors to something new at Rigging Lab Academy: our new Search and Rescue Mini-Course.  Having been in SAR for many years, I know first hand how hard it can be to obtain excellent study material, so I kept this in the fore front of my mind and created this mini-course by hand-selecting individual units from 10 of our most popular SAR themed courses.

If you’d like to increase your knowledge of technical rope rescue as it applies to Search and Rescue — and get a sampling of some of our best-selling SAR course material — this Search and Rescue Mini-Course is for you.

Inside this free mini-course, we share invaluable pieces of knowledge on topics like…


This mini-course was specifically designed with the search and rescue professional in mind.  Thank you for all you do.

Peace on your days



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