So we want to give y’all a look into the future of rigging.  Well, isn’t so much about “rigging” as much as it is about the process of learning rigging.  Saving, securing, building, fixing, repairing and of course rescuing… are all part of what you guys do.  It doesn’t take many seconds to find movies that center the plot around this these focal points.

What brings us together with all of this, is the understanding that we are all human and to one degree or another… are fragile.  Emotional responses to frustration and anger at moments of conflict speak of a deeper meaning or “happening”… “Do I have what it takes to get the job done when everything else is falling apart”?

Yours is a job, that while many people, often silently,  wish they were you… the truth is, few people can actually carry out the tasks at hand (that you assume responsibility for), while under the pressure of public awareness and scrutiny.  Externally… you need to wear the game face, while internally you continue to work through all the self-talk that goes on with a job that requires a “make it or break it” point of reference.  Now, don’t get me wrong, training is a huge part of what you do, but… is it really proper training?  The “higher-ups” might think so, but we quickly forget the things we used to take for granted when we move on to other responsibilities.  So it is here, I must remind you that I am referencing only your rope rescue and rigging training.

So to this end, we have adjusted our own game plan for our rigging courses and projects and determined to go after part of the problem y’all face… a designed plan for success.  We have built you a roadmap with a direct line of success that will be increasing your rigging dialect and understanding.  A dialect that speaks to your auditory, visual and kinesthetic learning processes.  This roadmap will literally take your rigging knowledge and understanding to new levels. This plan we created is designed to purposefully meld itself into your current training modules and field training. We call it the Masters Roadmap and we will be releasing this in the coming few weeks. 

Y’all are acquainted with the cornerstones of NFPA’s 1670 and 1006 right?  The Awareness, Operations and Technician level… and now you also have these job performance requirements that brings in another level of technical competence.  So great… you have the What!  Now you need to Why and the How.  The Why is the biggest challenge.  Once you get this, the How is much more simple and the What is a piece of the game.  However, no one really teaches this stuff correctly.  Right?  Until now.

Well, on film projects, there is this “guy” called “the fixer”.  He (or she) sets everything up, gets things dialed and in order and is essentially the ground-man for the operation and production.  We are your Fixer.  We get you from point A to point Z.  We even get you the hands-on training element done for you (if you need it).

So to this end, I wanted to give y’all A Look To The Future of what I am building into the Academy.  Our online training membership is awesome!  And I am working with my team and partners to continually make it even better for you.

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Dedicated to everyone who risks their lives to rescue those in need!
As always… rig safely and once the foundations are understood… be creative!
Peace on your days…

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