There is only one way better to talk about harnesses via showing you… and that would be to have you wear it.  But since we can’t do that here… we’ll setting in on a video.  For those who haven’t seen the Petzl AVAO BOD Full Body Harness , here it is.

This is what the “official” write-up is…

The Petzl AVAO is a type III, NFPA, compliant harness that is great for technical rescue, access work and fall arrest. The retooled connection system features 5 points crafted from high grade aluminum, for weight reduction and an increase in over connection mass. The lumbar support system features a brand new “X” shaped design that reduces stress at pressure points during long spans on rope. Ample padding around the waist and legs add to the comfort level, while a more rigid shoulder/chest padding system means less friction around the wearer’s neck. Tightening and loosening of the harness sections is accomplished via the durable and easy to use double-back buckle system.

What I can say personally is that it fits really well for the 80% of people wearing it.  The outliers would be technicians on the outside of the fitting scale.  The harness may fit either to loose or to tight.  Being that they come in two size is great… one size never fits all.

With the advent of fire departments jumping into rope access style training, the harness lends itself incredibly well for our future fire fighting/rope access technicians.  Here is a great video to help understand this product better.

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