“Maintaining perishable personal rigging skills associated with rope rescue requires conducting regular recurrent training. Manipulative drills will directly increase personal proficiency and improve organizational readiness. Rescuers need to stay current with accepted industry practices. It is also critical that commercial rescue equipment be employed in a manner that complies with the manufacturer’s operating instructions” (National Technical Rescue Handbook 2014)

As I move into this next week, I get the honor of hanging out with Peak Rescue Institute at one of the most amazing venues ever…Joshua Tree National Park. I will be getting some  pick-up shots for our newly released Technical Rope Rescue, sweet still images for our websites and of course… hanging out and catching up with folks I haven’t seen in a while.

Personal relationships, like rigging skills are perishable and require on-going training.  Personal proficiency is directly related to the time, effort and management of the keeping your relationships in top form.

And as with rigging practices, there are accepted relational responsibilities we have with people.  Everyone deserves the best… however, not everyone needs to be in the sphere of influence you are working on at the time.  There are time and seasons for everyone and everything.

A great friend of mine once told me, “everyone is my friend until they don’t want to be”.  Why is this important?   Put your efforts into what matters most and gleans the greatest rewards for the relationships (as they are a two way street).

And remember, your rigging systems are exactly the same as your relationships… The better you attend to their “best”, the better off y’all be!!


Peace on your days…




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