This is the week of what I consider family and purpose.  While yes… I will fully admit, this entire mock rescue was staged!  News right?  Well, as with all the other Rescue Response Team video series, they are all based on actual rescues.  Systems were altered a bit to reflect more up to date techniques.  This particular event occurred many years ago and what I was not willing to do was depict what systems might have been used.  I can tell you that there was no high directional nor the ability to create a dynamic directional… Not that they couldn’t have… the techniques were simply not passed on from one discipline of rigging to another.  This is the same as family, lineage and the next generation moving past the prior… in a higher level of honor.

The video starts with two “boys”on an adventure. Both of these young men are now in their young adult years.  One is getting married and the other is living the adventure dream life. A life undone is a catastrophic event to more than just family members and this video was scripted to show a number of elements that occur during any rescue and thus… training.

As I have mentioned before, my extended family took part in this video series and that included their kids.  The young man who fell into the cave… his father has volunteered for the county SAR team for 18 years.  His involvement with ski patrol extends way past this.  His life’s passion can be found at the non profit organization First Responders International.  The other young man (top side)… his father, an active member of the community and team technician in the video series. Both believed in the message and cause of our work and they live out it everyday.

This event depicts what happens when a knot becomes the element of catastrophe and harm. This is analogous to our life’s decisions and giving to others what is our responsibility to grow,  is part of our decay. When our generations do not determine to honor the ones that came before them, the decay is deeper than our own physical bones.

Setting up perimeters around the scene and setting up the needed systems are tantamount to being prepared. My only comment on this is… please grow past the “old ways”.  Simply because someone isn’t willing to change, adapt and progress is not a reason to stay the same.  The fruit of leadership is found in the adaptation and progression of the next group of thought leaders.  Unless those who are serving surpass those of above them, the next generation suffers and the lack of leadership has shown its fruit.  It doesn’t matter who you are and what organization or department you serve… You always serve someone and elevating those who serve others is part of this progression.

Systems Used..

Dedicated to everyone who risks their lives to rescue those in need.

As always… rig safely and once the foundations are understood… be creative!

Peace on your days…

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