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Dynamic Directional Anchors are useful in adjusting the mainline and the belay line from above the rescue package, or in some cases, from across a gap or chasm.

For short gaps, a minor dynamic directional could be your ticket for success.  A belay for the point of horizontal influence may not be required (crazy right?).  However, the belay option may be put into use based on the decision that the dynamic directional is indeed a critical safety element of the overall operation.  The key question you must ask is, if the dynamic direction were to fail… would the pendulum effect the main line and cause injury to the rescue load?


The dynamic directional belay is tied into the pulley carabiner with a butterfly knot. A one foot tail from teh butterfly goes to a carabiner that encompasses the main line.











For more on this system and others like it… head on over to Rigging Lab Academy and Turn Your Strengths Into Talents.  


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