Extending our reach… what is this? No one really lives in a world separated from others.  Regardless of someone’s philosophical bend, the need for other’s assistance is always in front of us. What is often overlooked is our need to reach out and extend our lives to others.  This human need is massive.  Larger, I would say, than just about anything else in our known world.  Why?  Because not extending our lives for the sake of others, shuts down our innate desire to be needed, loved and involved.

  1. We need to be connected. Being linked to others, keeps us from being disjointed. Effective help means we are connected.
  2. We reach from a place of rest. In the following video, you’ll sections of rest.. they are called “eddys”.  An eddy provides a place of calibration.  Whether we are throwing a line or retrieving it… Vectoring into this place of peace allows us to mindfully focus on what we need to do to help or assist.
  3. We need to be accurate. An inaccurate toss in water rescue is not just a bad thing, but can be a hazardous one as well.  People in need rely on the accuracy of others.  Never be the “throw, ready, aim” person.
  4. Establish a higher vantage point. Whenever possible, establish a vantage point that allows a clear portal of vision and understanding. Compromising our view and understanding of any given circumstance, detrimentally affects everything else we do.

Dedicated to everyone who risks their lives to rescue those in need!

As always… rig safely and once the foundations are understood… be creative!

Peace on your days…


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