To change the world, leading will always have some bleeding, but never mistake bleeding for leading.  Almost every one of us feel at some point that we can or should be a part of changing the world.  Now, before you brush this off, think about it.  We all have opinions right?  We make judgements towards, with or against someone or something.  Many of these sentiments are incredibly emotional.  These are elements of paradigm shifts.  These shifts are what’s needed to create movements.  Movements create the shifts that ultimately change the course of people’s lives… thus becoming world changers.  Are you this person?

If you are (and I believe you are)… there are a few things that need to be worked out.  First… there are a few challenges.  The world is too big of a place for me to change. I don’t really have the talents or skills to make much of an impact.  Or how about…?  I am not meant to be anything more than what I am currently doing.  So while these three challenges to change the world are possible… I want to suggest they are neither logical nor factual.  As you have heard me say before… perspective is everything right?

Changes to large systems normally occur in shifts of degrees.  Having the authority to change something doesn’t always mean we have permission to do it.  Yet permission being granted is more often a response to a request.  “Can I help change the world”?  And the response… “Well of course!  Where would you like to start”?  So now that we have permission, the one giving permission just authorized you as well.  So my friend… you are clear now to move about the cabin and start making shifts.

So while this forum or post is directed towards riggers and rescuers, you might be asking “how in the world does rope handling and pulley systems change anybody’s world much less my own”?  In some respects, it might not.  But in the real world of people, courage comes from not just knowledge, but by people believing in them.  See, just as say Rigging Lab Academy helps to focus and guide people and departments towards a heighten understanding of systems and capabilities, when people intersect with the lives of others there can be an exponential increase in motivation, understanding and knowledge…. resulting in greater skills and thus strengths.  When this happens the resultant focus on any one particular person… when positioned correctly, will create a paradigm shift in the atmosphere they work in.  I have personally seen this in Mexico, Nicaragua and in Honduras.  The people in our training, were also highly positioned government officials and this set off an incredible “lift component” and transformation was well under way.

The plan is always the same…

  1. Find the talent needed for the increase
  2. Increase the skill levels commensurate for the requirements
  3. Then focus those strengths directly towards the intended target


The biggest aspect or challenge at this point is… yep!…  What am I focusing on?  Your Action Requirements.  It is never enough to simply focus on the “job at hand”.  Single focus never has the same impact as does  multidimensional focus.  This means focusing not just on the task, but person contributing to the task.  This requires leadership qualities and to remain in “learning mode” at all times.  See, everyone is waiting for “a promotion”.  A promotion without a proper alignment with the person’s talents and skills is actually a demotion.  The critical failure of any organizational system is a failure in true leadership.  A leader leads people in proper alignment.  A dictator tells people what to do and where to go.  One will succeed and the other will fail.  Guess which is Leading and which is Bleeding?

With success comes a level of trauma right?  Everything worth fighting for is worth failing in the attempt.  When it comes to Leadership, the leader must always invest themselves into the process.  When one person bleeds, the other must as well.  Why?  Because Authority and Respect are levels of leadership that only come from The Fight.  Fear and respect are not the same and authority without respect is fear.  Fear never builds, it only destroys.

We are created to be world changers!  All of us.  You have and will continue to hear me talk about cross-pollination and hybridization and both have the same goal… to alter the DNA and to achieve an intended purpose not available by one element alone.  So we start here… learning from other world changers in industries we may not understand or know about.  What this will do is bring about the clash between Principles (Guidelines) and Process (rules).  I am looking forward to seeing the clash!! 🙂

Peace on your days!






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