Sianna and Natalie are best friends.  Walking innocently in the woods and bad luck befriends them… No!  A misunderstanding and  a lack of awareness on the part of both Natalie and Sianna created this domino effect.

So just how often does this happen in real life?  Everyday! And thus starts another group of best friends into the story… not so much taking a walk in the woods, but very much in the same manner “taking a walk in the woods”.  The team has never been here and has never walked in the shoes of Natalie and Sianna. The girls have got a problem.  Once if severely injured and they need help quickly.  In comes the ones who can save them both. They have plan and the plan either works and Sianna is saved or it doesn’t and she dies.

The rescue team walks through same patch of ground the girls did with one big difference… Watch the video and see if you can find it.

Teamwork, purpose and a keen eye for hazards and how best to work with and around those hazards... make the difference in the two parties.  The gist of this is that most accidents occur because we are simply going through the motions.  Not paying attention.  And this crucial element is the delta between adventure and foolishness.  Now would we call the girls innocent walk in the woods… foolish?  Well, could this have been mitigated?  Sure… simply knowing your surroundings and being aware of “what is”.  This is Life 101!

The other point I want to bring about is something no one would ever know… Two of the rescuers are husband and wife… and one of the one girls is there daughter.  Sianna’s mom is the attendee.  How many mother’s would like to be in this situation?  I propose not a single one… less a very short list and Diane is one of those short listers.  She is exactly where she needs to be and wants to be.  This is purposeful living and Diane lives this out daily.  Sianna’s dad… one of the riggers and carry-out litter bearers… He too is exactly where is should be and in fact was meant to be. His life is spelled out in this movie as well.

Kelly, the medic and Jeff the paramedic… both doing exactly what they are meant to be doing.. .And they, in real life… do exactly this.

Infact… I will go as far as saying this… This entire movie… including those before and after this, are all family and close friends.  We all grew up together, hung out and watched each other’s kids grow up.

NOTE:  Special thanks goes out to Deschutes County Search and Rescue for their encouragement and assistance in this project.

Dedicated to everyone who risks their lives to rescue those in need.

As always… rig safely and once the foundations are understood… be creative!

Peace on your days…

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