Heros are born and then are refined.  The refining process is serving others in need.  The degree by which we serve sets the bar of our own promotion.  Teams are made and perfected through the  individuals.  What makes this so fascinating is that never is there a moment when individuals take priority over the team.  In the same manner, a limb never rises above the body it serves.

A good friend of mine, Steve Crandall (author of Rescue Rigging Concept), said this  Despite seemingly popular belief, it’s not about ropes and rigging; it’s about getting that injured, trapped, scared, lost person safely to definitive medical care and ultimately back to their family. Rigging is cool and I love it just as much as the next rescuer, but it’s called Rope Rescue for a reason.” NOTE… A bit on Steve and his work.

I am blessed to have friends such these (those on the Rescue Response Team series as well as those who have served our cause for many years).  I couldn’t what I do without them.  That said, serving is in their life’s DNA.  It is part of who they are.

This depiction (Cliff Rescue) is a reenactment of an actual rescue (as are all Rescue Response Team videos).  We took a few liberties with the evacuation, as the original team did not have an AHD nor the experience to run a high directional or a trackline. So they needed to backtrack and exit the same way they came in.  It took them forever and it cost them a huge amount time. (Spoiler Alert)  Fortunately the patient made a full recovery… But it could have turned out very different.

Gear is important.  Would I say vital?  Yes, but only inasmuch as the knowledge of how the gear is used and why the gear is used the way it is. You’ll see AZTEKs, an Arizona Vortex, tons of Petzl and CMC carabiners, Petzl harnesses, Sterling Rope and so much more.  You see, every piece of gear you will be seeing in the ensuing videos (of which there are 3 two part video sets) was donated by the manufacturers.  Why?  Because when I proposed the script ideas being a reenactments of actual teams serving their communities… they loved it.

NOTE:  Special thanks goes out to Deschutes County Search and Rescue for their encouragement and assistance in this project.


Dedicated to everyone who risks their lives to rescue those in need.

As always… rig safely and once the foundations are understood… be creative!

Peace on your days…

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