While shooting this week at Peak Rescue Institute’s 2017 Fall Course held in Joshua Tree NP, I observed a very interesting moment in time.  The skill set being learned, in the larger sense, was a 5th class raising system and the system itself was a two-tension rope system in raise mode.  The instructor, Glenn Pinson, spoke about efficiency and used a very precise time to explain why managing a “two tension rope system” as one, multiplies the effort and thus the gains. The timing was perfect and the evolution went off without a hitch.

There are essentially 3 ways to learn just about everything. Auditory (hearing and or verbal), Visual and Kinesthetic (touch, and body movement). Almost everyone learns through a combination of all three, but the majority of people will learn primarily from one of these three. I am firstly visual and secondly kinesthetic. Now you might ask, how could anyone learn through only auditory. Music could be an example of this. Many of our top tiered musicians need only to hear a piece of music and their innate abilities simply scan the audio wave forms and time stamps and before you know it… the notes simply flow.

In a more basic form of learning, explaining and describing (say) techniques are best done through “teachable moments”.  Effective coaches and instructors demonstrate higher learning principles such that comprehension and understanding are foundationally framed.  In other words, “it sticks and is ready to be built on”.

I want to give a shout out to Peak Rescue Institute.  This group of dedicated professionals have this process dialed. The venue of this Technical Rope Rescue course is in Joshua Tree National Park.  Such a stunning and  exceptionally aesthetic backdrop only adds to the amplitude of learning new skills.

Visual learners would be focused more through reading (text) or viewing (photos and illustrations) and think in pictures and words.  This is about 65% of our population.

Auditory or verbal learners need to hear the information before being able to begin the process of understanding and 30% of our friends are found to be in this very specified group.

Smallest group, yet some of the more interesting people on the planet of those of us who learning by doing and moving. Tactical and the emotion of movement are huge multipliers for learning. Dancers are found to be very kinesthetic.  Graced by natural talents, their body and soul will feel the process.

When it all comes down to it, “watching, doing and reflecting” are the hallmark elements, that when properly systematized out…  yield great rewards.  




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