In this video, we have added a “Ganged On Haul” pulley system to the main line… the system added is the AZTEK Elite Set of Fours pulley system. Also added to the main line system is the CMC MPD. and the Petzl I’d. Transferring from lower to raise or raise to lower is really simple. By “ganging on” the AZTEK, we have quickly added mechanical advantage and saved a lot of time in the rigging process.

Products in video:


The AZTEK ProSeries™ Pack can be used with confidence in work-at-height maneuvers for industrial rope access or technical rope rescue when used in accordance with the regulatory safety standards it falls under.

Sterling Rope 7/16 HTP

HTP (hyper-tenacity polyester) is a multi-use rescue/rappel rope that resists moisture and has high abrasion resistance.

Petzl I’d

Petzl’s popular I’D, short for industrial descender, is quickly becoming a must have for tech rescue and rope access professionals. It’s versatility, safety and smooth action make the I’D indispensable for personal positioning, system tensioning, belaying and much more.  


The CMC MPD is the innovative multi-purpose device that allows the user to go from lowering to raising without changing hardware.The CMC MPD is a UL Classified pulley, descent control device and belay device. A high efficiency pulley with an integral rope-grab mechanism optimizes the best of both worlds.

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