PRODUCT SAFETY NOTICE October 11, 2017 CMC Rescue MPD™ 13 MM Model (Red), Part# 333000 Dear Valued Customer, CMC Rescue has received a report of a single MPD™ (13 MM model) that was assembled with an 11 MM model front plate (see photo below). This would provide additional travel of the internal moving brake, potentially allowing greater gripping force on the rope than would be optimal in some applications. Initial data from production documents indicate this is likely contained to the single unit already identified. However, additional MPDs that could be affected are from production lots 17178 and 17194. MPD (13 MM) units from these two lots were shipped between August 1 and October 1, 2017. Note: Red MPD units should be marked with 13 MM on the backside of the front plate, not 11 MM as shown in photo. CMC requests that you inspect all MPD (13 MM) units from the two lot numbers identified for this condition. If you find an MPD with the condition listed above, please immediately remove the unit from service and contact our customer support team by calling (800) 513-7455 or (805) 562-9120, or via email at Thank you for your continued support and trust! The CMC Rescue Team