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PART 1: Tensioning Side | QUAD BUNDLE | Horizontal Rigging

Tensioning Side Tensioning a quad-bundle trackline is particularly rigging intensive and requires practice and patience. As with all trackline tensioning systems of highline construction, we must be diligent of not over tensioning. In addition, with all multi-bundles, equal tension is imperative. During this short video you will see how to…

PART 5: Termination Side | TWIN BUNDLE | Horizontal Rigging

The Termination Side: This video shows one of many methods to eliminate a knot in the trackline of a highline system. Depicted here is single prusik bypasses; one per each leg of the twin bundled system. The single prusik is a load cell in its own right…if the trackline is…

PART 4: Gin Pole | TWIN BUNDLE | Horizontal Rigging

  The Gin Pole: The floating gin pole (mono-pod) is a useful alterative for a high directional especially when backpacking long distances. With proper guying in place, the gin pole works quite well as a high directional for a highline system. Sterling Rope is the Official Rope of Rescue Response…

PART 3: Carriage System | TWIN BUNDLE | Horizontal Rigging

Carriage System The carriage system for a twin bundle or quad bundle highline is very similar to the single trackline. At this point of the discussion, We can now see how much tighter the trackline is. Each rope of the trackline is about the same tension as the single system…in…

PART 2: “A-Frame” | TWIN BUNDLE | Horizontal Rigging

The “A” Frame: The floating A Frame is very similar to that of the single trackline, other than there are now two ropes in the trackline to deal with. This little segment addresses some of the specific aspects of a high directional anchor during the operation of a multi-bundle highline…

PART 1: Tensioning Side | TWIN BUNDLE | Horizontal Rigging

  Tensioning Side: The tensioning of any highline system is one of the key elements to the success of the operation. This is even more critical for the rigging of multiple bundled highlines. Whether it is a twin or quad bundle system each rope of the trackline must receive an…


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