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Simple & Safe Rigging | Escaping The Belay

This video demonstrates a way to safely remove yourself from the belay if the lead climber has been injured or stranded somehow, and how to lower the climber back down safely. RRG Products Used in this Solution: [products skus=”D17 C P,D14,HWEAGLEAL P,M34″] TweetPinShare

The Rigging Lab at Rescue Response Gear Trailer

The Rigging Lab at Rescue Response Gear, a state of the art rope access and rope rescue training facility, was designed with your training experience in mind and for the purpose of providing top quality, industry standard training in tandem with elite instructors. In the Rigging Lab our goal is…

Rigging Lab Arizona Vortex AHD – A-Frame Single Front Guy

Rescue Response Gear’s Rigging Lab hosted a 3 day workshop…. Arizona Vortex AHD Workshop. This quick clip visually describes the A-Frame set up with a single front guy as it’s tension member. The head canted forward… no other guying member needed. Main line keeps the 2 legs of the A-Frame…