About Rigging Lab Academy

Rigging Lab Academy is the premier learning and continuing education platform for the global Rigging Community.

Since 2005, Rigging Lab Academy (aka The Rigging Lab) has been creating and filming training projects for a global rigging community. We are a multi-faceted hub for the rigging enthusiast as well occupational riggers and rope technicians of the world, connecting “learner and teacher” through critical resources and “wow” experiences.

Our goal is to completely disrupt the status quo for both learner and teacher. We partner in exploration resulting in creative solutions.

Created out of a perceived lack of knowledge sharing in an industry where we all learn from doing, Rigging Lab Academy provides riggers with the opportunity to an out of the box experience, from leaders from all over the world. We know that there are amazing riggers and rope technicians out there who are doing amazing things, but perhaps don’t have the platform to share their knowledge.

Rigging Lab Academy offers a space for riggers to grow, while allowing them to discover their own creativity, gifts, and courage. We are building a community of both apprentices and masters. Never before, has this been done on such a grand scale.

As a community, we’re working together to build up this new generation of apprentice riggers, rope technicians, and masters in the “field of rigging”. Our vision is about creating a legacy where transformation happens and is passed along to the current generation, who will then take it, and build on it for the generations to come.

Meet Lance

CEO & Founder of Rigging Lab Academy and Rescue Response Gear
lance piatt rigging

Lance lives in Bend, Oregon with his wife of 32 years, his pal Judah (some call him a dog) and his Son/Adventure Partner/Business Partner, Torrey. He has been around rigging and hanging rope for over 25 years. As a true entrepreneur, shiny objects attract him, so focus is challenging. Some of his hobbies include surfing, whitewater-paddleboarding, climbing, and mountain biking.

In 2005 Lance started making video training programs, starting with his work with Reed Thorne in the Tower Rescue series. Eventually this turned into the first ever eLearning site for the global rigging community known as Rigging Lab Academy.

We are making the world safer, together.